It is recommended that, to keep your equipment running at its potential and avoid costly breakdowns, you Service every 6-12 months..

​We offer a high quality Services that will no doubt assist you, your equipment and your business in running smoothly..


Commercial Refrigeration requires regular maintenance just like your car. If regular maintenance is not carried out, small problems can quickly result into big problems. This can often lead to loss of valuable stock or machine failure, both a costly exercise.

As we enjoy our weekends too, if you allow Damian to maintain your equipment to our high standards, together we can reduce the risk of those frustrating, unexpected pricey, breakdowns and;

​* Save Power

* Prolong the life of your Equipment

* Ensure Cleanliness

* Maintain health standards


​Our Service method is simple…   Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

Should you require Damian to attend a Service Call he will arrive on time and in a vehicle stocked with a variety of equipment ready to assist you on the spot.

Damian can also provide you with helpful suggestions and recommendations to assist your equipment productivity and prolong its life.


Should your equipment require a more thorough Service or any additional works, Damian will discuss this with you. (see ‘rates’ for pricing)

We are also happy to provide Quotes on large repairs, replacement parts or even new equipment.

Healthy equipment = Happy staff = Productivity!!